The Grand Lodge of Spain, to the profound problems that currently plague us as a society, want to go for the first time in its history and exceptionally all citizens.

We must recognize, with humility, that the Grand Lodge of Spain and has the capacity and corresponds to respond as an institution to the country’s problems. Freemasonry aims only moral improvement of its members. The ancestral traditions of which we are custodians lead to the person who passes them to pursue the purity of their own behavior. Our serene and profound contribution is where it has always been: in every member of our Order to walk on the street, it resides in him and only him hope for a correct interpretation of his Masonic commitment.

If we spread, as an institution, first do an open letter to share our deep concern over two issues affecting the Spanish Society and, consequently, all members of the Grand Lodge of Spain.


We believe that the absence of values is at the root of the situation that we suffer today. We can not find solutions to the crisis only in a technical field, disregarding the moral and ethical debate that retrieves the values that should never be missed.

The Spanish Society can no longer remain silent in the face of the current crisis of individual and collective values. Spain needs a commitment in his public life, a real and profound reflection about honesty, traders and honest politicians, straight people who sit among their core values need to pursue a common imperative for democratic coexistence and normal functioning well of our institutions.

The Spanish Freemasonry especially invites all Spaniards to respond from intransigence to any form of corruption, because tolerance essence of Masonry can never be practiced to actions that not only impoverish the treasury of all, they generate vast sea of mistrust and suspicion among citizens against those institutions that are guarantors of our social harmony.

The suffering of people

Nothing that concerns the human is alien to Freemasonry. As an institution we say it is impossible to ignore the suffering any longer. Support for the weakest must prevail now more than ever in our country. It is necessary to rediscover nature of the common good against disadvantaged, act according to the dictates of conscience, implemented in every daily act a collective ideal of Peace, Love and Brotherhood. Therefore we invite all people to act in their immediate surroundings for the most needy, because otherwise through the day to day without feeling tied to the victims that is generating the current situation, destroy our own humanity.

It’s in the hands of us all respond together, from the solidarity of a united community, the, economic, social, institutional financial crisis, but, above all, ethical and moral, which we live.

From our lodges where we swore compliance with the Act and submission to the constituted authorities, especially this task invite all those who now have public responsibilities. They have the responsibility to preserve decades of our best collective achievements.

Given the above, the Grand Lodge of Spain hits a


To all those who seek their own moral perfection based on integrity, solidarity and self-improvement, and are willing to fight ignorance and fanaticism, to reform everything today degrades people in our society to move together toward the ideal of peaceful and fraternal coexistence that is the essence of Universal Freemasonry and the best recent collective history of Spain

Letter to the Spanish society
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