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R.W.Bro. Giles David Crawford, Provincial Grand Master of Andalucia
R.W.Bro. Giles David Crawford, Provincial Grand Master of Andalucia (right), with M.R.W.Bro. Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, Grand Master of Spain (left).

In a world that is torn apart by religious, political and racial intolerence and division it would be easy to see that a “place” that only acknowledges our common shared humanity under the canopy of God and that does not discriminate on the grounds of religious belief, political belief, or colour of skin – would be a very special place indeed.

That such a place in addition to the aforementioned altruism would be concerned with the improvement of the individual to become a better person, to encourage the study of the self and the wonderful mysteries of nature and science, to apprehend the universal truths of morality and to become spiritually awakened – that such a place can exist – would indeed to many – be considered a minor miracle !

Such a place would offer the seeker a place of tranquility from the turmoil of the world, a place in which a journey of self discovery and self improvement with others on the same path could be shared. And so the Masonic Order might be considered to be that small miracle as our Lodges seek to provide all that has been just described.

The birth of this miracle is now lost in time but the Grand Lodge of Spain provides the only direct lineage to the original and ancient freemasonry established in the world allowing men to join in our regular obedience and share in this world-wide brotherhood the possibility of equality, liberty and fraternity.

Through the use of symbol and allegory each man can become his own mason and build a temple within himself founded on the universal truths of morality.

Each mason can share the brotherhood found within our society and provide new meaning to his life and a sense of belonging to something that will touch the heart of his humanity. The spirit of light and knowledge, of tolerence and humanity that pervades the culture of Andalucia makes the masonic province of Andalucia a very natural place to be – and for all good men seeking a greater understanding of brotherly love and Truth… a door that should be knocked upon and entered…

R.W.Bro. Giles David Crawford
Provincial Grand Master of Andalucia

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